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About Us

A Company with a History

Founded in the 1930s, Safco is credited with the development and patent of the cigarette lighter adapter plug. Today, our business is still rooted in innovation as our principals, sales force and engineers work to meet the challenges of today’s demanding electronic devices.

Safco is a full-service partner in the design, manufacturing and delivery of custom, low-voltage DC power supplies. Our corporate culture—and success—is built around the ideals of quality, technical support and responsiveness. Many of our customers first came to Safco for a quick solution, but remained as long-term partners.

We may be a company with a long history, but we work hard each day to earn the trust of new customers and address the latest challenges of our existing ones.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide technical expertise from product design through the manufacturing of low-voltage assemblies at the same time striving to exceed our customer’s expectations. 


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