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Component Configurations

22,000+ Components, At Your Service

Safco utilizes a broad array of assemblies to customize a solution to your device’s power-supply needs. With over 70 years of engineering experience and an inventory of over 22,000 designs, we can develop a power cord or assembly that effectively conditions, controls and conveys power and data to your electronic device.

The following table illustrates the range of components Safco has available:





Customer specified/

Single conductor wire

Customer specified/ custom

Customer specified / custom

Cigarette lighter adapter plugs

Multiple conductor wire

Linear or switched power supplies

SAE connector

Battery clips

Coil cords

Low voltage cut offs

Coax connectors (plugs and jacks)

SAE connectors

Round wire

In-line fuse holders

Commercial/industrial connectors

Solar panels

Bonded wire

In-line switches

  • Amp
  • Molex
  • Souriau
  • Deutsche
  • Fischer
  • Packard Delphi
  • JST
  • Lemo
  • Hirose
  • Ark-Les
  • JAE
  • 3M
  • KEL

Stand-alone batteries

Parallel wire

Buck, boost power supplies

Military battery – custom connectors

Shielded wire

Charging circuitry

Industrial/Automotive connectors

Agency listed 

Surge and spike protection circuitry

Military connectors Assembly enhance with springs, tubing, sheathing to protect and enhance the strength characteristics Pulse width modulators

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