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Agency Qualification and Approval

Managing the Agency Approval Process for a Rugged Hand Held Survey Computer Company


A manufacturer of rugged hand held surveying computers approached Safco regarding their need for a high current vehicle charging cable assembly that could meet and pass world wide agency safety standards.


Safco engineers worked closely with the customer to identify design features to meet both the customer’s demanding performance criteria as well as world wide agency standards.

  • The charger design had to meet the demanding and unique specifications of the computer device and battery technology.
  • Safco created prototypes of the newly designed charging assembly to allow the customer’s engineering and quality departments to thoroughly test and validate the design prior to agency submittal.
  • The device had to pass UL, FCC, CUL, CE, CB, Austrian, New Zealand Ctick, Japan VCCI, E-Mark and German GS mark standards.


As a result of Safco’s long history working with safety agencies, it was successful in delivering the following to its customer:

  • The customer relied on Safco’s engineering team to marshal the product through each agency test to minimize costs and total elapsed time.
  • The newly designed charging assembly passed all agency tests with only two minor change requests and iterations.

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