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Cost-Effective Manufacturing with No Surprises

The manufacturing of your power assembly is a complex endeavor. Our combination of resources and expertise means Safco can choose from a full range of production options to find the best solution for your job. In addition to our US-based facilities, we’ve spent over 20 years building trusted relationships with reputable overseas manufacturers of quality components to ensure you get the power assembly you need, when you need it.

Safco's Manufacturing Advantage:

  • Local and international manufacturing resources for aggressive production commitments
  • Proactive partner in identifying production efficiencies in order to reduce costs
  • Commitment to ongoing quality and on-time delivery
  • In select cases, domestic production facilities allow redundant capabilities for ultimate flexibility when manufacturing product overseas

Let Safco find the best way to manufacture a cost-effectible power assembly for your electronic device.

Contact us to discuss your low-voltage cable assembly production needs.


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